• HKI Solution limited is founded by a pool of engineers coming from China (Hong Kong) and India specialized both in hardware and software development. We market, develop IPs and provide solutions for electronics systems
  • We have developed a reliable platform based on Android and Freescale iMX Application Processor. We provide solution with full support on applications of Education, Finance, Medical, security etc.
  • Our vision is to be the leading electronics system solution provider in terms of Quality, Services, Engineering and Innovation.
  • Our goal is to be your most reliable partner in Electronics system design and solutioning.

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Sr. NoFile Ref.TitlePatent No.
1BT388PT135F1743Uni-board architecture & implementation of IMD2143/CHE/2012
2BT388PT135F1766Internet Mobility Device2141/CHE/2012
3BT388PT135F1767Wirefree, Solder-free final assembly & Box-build of IMD2144/CHE/2012
4BT388PT135F1768PCT Technology Input system & Z -LCD2142/CHE/2012

Hong Kong Award of Industry – Merit Award